Family Law And Divorce

Comprehensive Client Service on Family Law Issues

Do you want to work with a family law attorney who takes the time to know you and understand the details of your situation? At the Nixon Law Offices in High Point, we are a small firm that works with each of our clients personally. We advocate strongly for your family law concerns at every step of the way. Our lawyers are here for you, so you can always just pick up the phone and call us.

Our divorce and family practice covers a broad range of domestic relations law. We handle issues such as adoptions, name changes, divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity and child support. Our lawyers also represent clients in domestic violence matters involving Chapter 50B protective orders and 50C no-contact orders.

Whatever legal issue your problem involves, we explore every avenue that might lead to a positive result - negotiation, counseling, mediation, arbitration or trial. Contact us to learn more about our approach to client service.

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In our years of law practice, we have represented many clients in divorce cases. Our divorce attorneys help you address all issues related to your divorce including child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution of property.

We can advise you about complex property division problems such as characterization, business valuation and distribution of retirement accounts or pension plans. Because the fair and equitable distribution of a complex marital estate sometimes requires the help of forensic accountants, we work with financial experts to protect your interests whenever necessary.

Determining Child Support Under the North Carolina Guidelines

Parents often wonder what their child support obligations in a divorce or paternity case might look like. We can work with you to make these calculations and identify any adjustments that might apply in your situation. For a preliminary estimate, try the child support guideline calculator at the Web site of the state Department of Health and Human Services.

Understanding the Factors That Guide Child Custody Decisions

North Carolina courts looks at many factors when determining the best interests of the child in custody matters. We work to represent our client's interests throughout all stages of a child custody dispute. If the parents are unable to agree on who has physical and legal custody of the children, we will work hard to present your case in court in clear and persuasive terms. We often help our clients get access to the assistance they may need while educating them about North Carolina law.

At the Nixon Law Offices, we speak frankly with our clients about their family law and divorce situations. We work to help educate them about North Carolina family law. Contact a divorce attorney at the Nixon Law Offices for a confidential consultation about your legal concerns.