Child Custody

Child Custody

Sound Advice in Contested Child Custody Cases

At the Nixon Law Offices, our lawyers advise people about the best ways to resolve disputes over child custody and visitation in divorce and paternity cases. We also work with people who need assistance with the modification or enforcement of child custody or child support orders. To learn how our practical approach to the resolution of parent-child issues can benefit you, contact our office in High Point.

We Can Help You Keep the Best Interests of Your Children in Focus

North Carolina courts are required to resolve disputes over custody or visitation according to the best interests of the child or children involved. When both parents present conflicting claims as to what that means or when they can't agree on primary physical custody or parenting time, it's up to the court to decide what's in the child's best interests. These decisions are highly sensitive to the facts of a given case, and it's hard to predict how a judge who doesn't know your family will resolve the issue.

Our objective in parent-child cases in family court is to give you a solid understanding of the main factors that a judge will consider in determining your child's best interests, and to help you define your own goals with those factors in mind. Because state policy presumes that a stable and fulfilling relationship with both parents is in each child's best interests, you should be prepared to recognize and respect that interest in all but the most extreme cases, such as when the other parent's fitness comes into legitimate question.

In our experience, family court judges often resolve close cases in favor of the parent they see as the more reasonable of the two. Our attorneys work closely with each client to address your concerns and work toward your goals. Once you understand the legal process, you'll be in a better position to protect your interests and the security of your family relationships during and after the divorce. We make sure that the strengths of our clients as parents are presented to the court in clear terms.

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