Protecting Your Interests in North Carolina Divorce

At the Nixon Law Offices, we offer our family law clients highly attentive and personalized service that focuses on identifying your specific goals and then finding the most efficient ways of achieving them. In divorce cases, this approach can help you understand your rights and responsibilities while identifying options for resolving disputes on property, custody or alimony issues.

Contact our office in High Point to learn how our experience and focus can help you meet the challenge of divorce while preparing for life afterward. We can help you anticipate, avoid and resolve problems of all kinds, including:

Just as every family is unique, so is every divorce. Our attorneys can advise you about the particular problems that your case is likely to present. If you have young children, we'll help you find ways to protect your relationship with your children regardless of which parent is likely to have primary custody.

If you've been in a long-term marriage with complicated property division or debt issues, we'll make sure that you understand your rights under North Carolina's equitable distribution approach to marital assets and liabilities. If you and your spouse have been involved in a family business or closely-held corporation, our familiarity with asset valuation and characterization issues can protect you from the risk of an unfair property settlement.

One of the greatest services our lawyers provide is to help you see your situation clearly. The stress and anxiety that divorce can cause many people gets in the way of sound decisions. With respect to each issue that your divorce will present, you'll face the choice between a negotiated resolution and taking your case to court. We can help make sure that you'll pick your battles wisely.

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If you end up headed for court on a contested divorce issue, our careful attention to detail and trial preparation can help make the decisive difference. Contact the Nixon Law Offices in High Point for more information about your options.