Property And Debt Division

Property and Debth

Sound Advice About Dividing Marital Assets and Debts

Divorcing spouses often run into confusion and conflict on issues relating to the division of marital assets and liabilities. At the Nixon Law Offices, our lawyers can evaluate your situation and help you anticipate, avoid and resolve any property division problems that might come up in your North Carolina divorce. For further information, contact our office in High Point and discuss your options with an attorney who can answer your questions.

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Our ability to advise you about the division of assets and liabilities covers the full range of situations from low-value marital estates consisting mainly of household goods and consumer debts to complex family holdings of business assets, investment or retirement accounts, vested pensions or other valuable property.

Whether your marital estate is large or small, North Carolina law takes the equitable distribution approach to property division issues. In other words, the court is more interested in a fair division of assets and debts rather than a strictly equal one. We can give you a good idea of the circumstances in your divorce case that will bear most directly on equitable distribution issues.

Our law firm protects our clients' interests on such asset and debt division problems as these:

  • Proper characterization of each asset as marital property subject to division or separate property that each spouse can keep
  • Equitable division of marital debts: credit cards, student loans, home mortgage, medical bills, family business liabilities
  • Valuation of family business assets or other investment property
  • Characterization and division of 401(k) accounts, defined benefit pensions, IRAs and other retirement assets
  • Identification and location of undisclosed marital assets
  • Recovery of marital assets that were improperly transferred before or during the divorce
  • Recovery of payments from marital assets on the other spouse's separate debts

To learn more about our experience with simple and complicated marital property division problems in North Carolina divorce, contact the Nixon Law Offices in High Point.