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August 2016 Archives

Why a first-time DWI must be taken seriously

With the summer winding down and the fall soon upon us, you might be tempted to think that we're entering a relatively calm period of the year, meaning there's little to do or get very excited about. This couldn't be anything further from the truth, however, as Labor Day weekend is less than two weeks away, most colleges and universities are now back in session and, of course, the football season is almost here.

Report calls for North Carolina to raise the juvenile age

While the immediate concerns for anyone facing criminal charges are naturally how much time they could spend behind bars and how much they might have to pay in fines, it's important for them to consider collateral consequences as well.

DEA just says no to reclassifying marijuana

It goes without saying that attitudes toward marijuana in this country have undergone a fundamental shift over the last decade. Indeed, one needn't look any further than the fact that 25 states and the District of Columbia have now passed laws legalizing use of the drug for medicinal purposes as evidence of this reality.


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