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On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Violent Crimes

It’s a scenario no one ever envisions themselves facing: sitting handcuffed in a police station accused of having committed assault, domestic violence, armed robbery or some other violent crime.

Once the surreal nature of the moment passes, however, most people become acutely aware of the fact that they are facing very serious consequences if convicted and the fact that they likely need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

While it’s true that there are seemingly innumerable options in this regard, those facing violent crime charges need to ask themselves a few questions before picking up the phone:

  • Does the attorney have access to comprehensive investigative resources?
  • Does the attorney have the skill and knowledge needed to assess the situation and prepare a strong case?
  • Does the attorney have experience in the courtroom and with plea negotiations?

At the Nixon Law Offices, we can confidently answer “yes” to all of these inquiries. Indeed, our founding attorney Georgia Nixon has been practicing in the area of criminal law since 1991, working first as an assistant district attorney before opening her own office.

This unique experience means she not only has valuable insight as to what strategies the prosecution is likely to employ, but that she also knows how to build a strong and wholly compelling defense. This includes determining whether self-defense, diminished capacity, mistaken identity or any other mitigating factors were present.  

What it also means is that when the time comes to determine whether to enter plea negotiations or take the matter to trial, she can provide the information and insight needed to help you confidently make an informed decision.

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