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January 2017 Archives

Can I get a student loan with a drug conviction on my record?

There are many reasons to avoid getting convicted of a drug-related offense. You can be barred from being employed in some sectors, like the medical field, as an attorney, teacher, airline pilot or any position requiring a security clearance.

What is structured sentencing in North Carolina?

When you are facing criminal charges in North Carolina, you will probably wonder what sentence you could receive if convicted. Unlike some other states, North Carolina uses the structured sentencing method, which considers various factors when coming up with sentences for convictions. Understanding what this complex system means is important for those charged with crimes in North Carolina.

Did distracted driving cause your truck accident?

Distracted driving is a problem in North Carolina and across the country. As more drivers than ever before have access to in-car technology and smartphones, distraction is increasingly common. It is a constant threat to the safety of every driver and passenger on the road.

Think about the consequences of paying a speeding ticket

Commercials on television say that what you do while you are in a specific city will stay in that city. That is true for a lot of things; however, it isn't true for matters that have to do with the law. Tickets, for example, can follow you around in many places. This is why some people choose to fight back when they are charged with speeding tickets.


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