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February 2017 Archives

Can I fight a traffic ticket in North Carolina?

Getting a traffic ticket is something that most people view as a nuisance. While this is the case if you don't get these violations often, even seemingly small tickets can lead to considerable issues if you get tickets a lot. Knowing some basic points about traffic tickets in North Carolina can help you to determine what steps you need to take if you are given one.

What influences a prison sentence?

A criminal act, proven guilty, is supposed to determine a prison sentence. Length and severity should vary by the degree of the crime. Instead, it's repeatedly proven that the cultural, social and economic background of a suspect can increase or decrease the penalty of a given crime.

Understanding how standard field sobriety tests work

If you've ever made the poor choice to drive drunk and gotten pulled over, most likely the officer who stopped you performed a battery of field sobriety tests aimed at confirming their suspicions. The most popular of these, roadside sobriety and Breathalyzer tests, are used to enforce DUI laws.

The difference between misdemeanor and felony charges

When it comes to misdemeanors, although they are not felonies, they should still be taken seriously. Those charged with misdemeanors can not only go to jail, but face hefty fines. Depending on the particular nature of the crime, these charges can adversely impact not only one's family life, but one's career.

Autistic boy dies in alleged drunk driving crash, charges levied

A 7-year-old autistic boy was killed in Youngsville recently in an accident that is being dubbed as s drunk driving accident. The boy left his home at night when his mother was taking a bath. Neighbors searched for the boy, but he had made it about a mile down the road before he was struck by a vehicle traveling in the same direction as he was walking.


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