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Drug paraphernalia charges must be taken seriously

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Drug Charges

Not all drug charges are based on having the actual drugs in your possession. Some drug charges are based on having items associated with drug sales or usage. These items are known as drug paraphernalia. Facing charges for drug paraphernalia are just as serious as facing charges for drug possession.

There are many items that are considered drug paraphernalia. These include digital scales, small baggies, crack pipes and similar items. It is possible that a person can face drug paraphernalia charges for items that are normally used for household usage. The circumstances of the drug paraphernalia are considered in these cases. In some cases, the key to the case might be drug residue that is left behind on the paraphernalia.

Think about a digital scale. You might use that scale for use in the kitchen to weigh out portions. Drug dealers use those scales to portion out drugs. In this case, if other items associated with drugs are found in the proximity of the paraphernalia can have an impact on whether you face charges or not. For example, a razor blade and baggies near the digital scale can indicate the scale is being used for drugs.

When you are facing drug paraphernalia charges, you have to take those charges seriously. You have to weigh the options that you have for dealing with the charges. These can differ considerably depending on what charges you are facing. State level charges are different than federal charges. Each case has to be handled in accordance with the policies of the specific court in mind.

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