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April 2017 Archives

Plan violent crime charge defenses very carefully

Violent crimes are ones that can seriously harm or kill people. Society frowns upon these crimes since they are so serious. For the people who are facing these charges, finding out what options they have for answering the charges becomes a lifeline of sorts.

Your student loan's at risk if court convicts you on drug charges

Most college students in North Carolina and elsewhere know people who graduate, then continue to struggle to pay back their student loans for years (even decades) into their futures. Many marry and have families, which typically includes various other types of ongoing expenses. They enter the workforce (although perhaps not in the specific fields they hold their degrees), and as life unfolds before them, they find it more and more challenging to satisfy their student loan debts. 

Drunk driving crashes can impact DUI cases

A person who is driving after drinking might end up in a car crash. It is imperative that these individuals understand that they need to work on a defense as quickly as possible because these cases can be very difficult. In many cases, drunk driving accidents involve more than just a basic drunk driving charge, which means that there are more penalties that are possible.

Traffic violations can impact your life for a long time

Traffic violations aren't usually thought of as serious matters; however, these violations can cause significant issues in your life. Many people, especially those who rely on having their driver's license to do their job, might need to take the time to consider presenting a defense against a traffic violation. We can help you to learn about the options that you have for handling traffic violations.


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