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Drunk driving crashes can impact DUI cases

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Drunk Driving

A person who is driving after drinking might end up in a car crash. It is imperative that these individuals understand that they need to work on a defense as quickly as possible because these cases can be very difficult. In many cases, drunk driving accidents involve more than just a basic drunk driving charge, which means that there are more penalties that are possible.

There is a series of events that starts when a car accident occurs. In some cases, the car accident is the proverbial nail in the coffin of the criminal defense case. The circumstances of the crash can come into the picture during the case. You will need to explore what factors the prosecution is looking into using in the case against you.

When a car accident occurs, the crash itself might be the probable cause the officer needs to request a blood alcohol concentration test. This means that you might not have the option of calling probable cause into question when you are defending yourself against the charges.

Drunk driving crashes can sometimes lead to additional charges. These can sometimes be even more difficult to defend against than the drunk driving charge. For this reason, you should get moving on the defense right away.

You need to have ample time to look into the circumstances of the case so that you know what points you need to focus on. There is also a chance that you might face a civil lawsuit in connection with the crash. This can have devastating results because anyone who was injured in the crash might turn to you for compensation.

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