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Your student loan's at risk if court convicts you on drug charges

Most college students in North Carolina and elsewhere know people who graduate, then continue to struggle to pay back their student loans for years (even decades) into their futures. Many marry and have families, which typically includes various other types of ongoing expenses. They enter the workforce (although perhaps not in the specific fields they hold their degrees), and as life unfolds before them, they find it more and more challenging to satisfy their student loan debts. 

Think objectively about your options for defense in drug cases

We recently discussed how drug paraphernalia charges are serious matters that must be addressed as such. These charges can come alone, but they can also come in connection with other drug charges. The fact is that no matter kind of drug charges you are facing, you need to get your defense started right away.

Drug paraphernalia charges must be taken seriously

Not all drug charges are based on having the actual drugs in your possession. Some drug charges are based on having items associated with drug sales or usage. These items are known as drug paraphernalia. Facing charges for drug paraphernalia are just as serious as facing charges for drug possession.

Can I get a student loan with a drug conviction on my record?

There are many reasons to avoid getting convicted of a drug-related offense. You can be barred from being employed in some sectors, like the medical field, as an attorney, teacher, airline pilot or any position requiring a security clearance.

Protecting your investment in your child's college career

Parenting is obviously both rewarding and challenging at times. If you have a child in college, this is likely not news to you. You're probably like hundreds of other parents in North Carolina who have worked hard for years and done your best to help your child reach his or her full potential in life.

Childhood trauma can lead to drug addiction

It is not uncommon for some people to search for an outlet to deal with childhood trauma. Many of those people choose to use drugs as coping mechanisms. Relying on legal or illegal substances to gain relief from traumatic situations that have occurred during childhood can result in drug abuse and addiction. This can lead to ongoing issues with the law. To better understand why your loved one may have a drug addiction, you should learn more about how child trauma can contribute to this dependency.


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