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Developing And Presenting Your North Carolina Defense

Drunk driving charges are harder to beat than ever in North Carolina. Long gone are the days when negotiating a DWI down to a careless driving ticket was the common way to deal with a drunk driving arrest.

At the Nixon Law Offices, PA, in High Point, I have kept pace with the latest developments in DWI legislation and prosecution practices. Despite today’s uneven odds, I can still find ways to defend you on the merits of a DWI charge and protect you from the worst consequences of a conviction.

What Defenses Are Possible?

I have found that the following approaches to DWI defense are still sound, and I can let you know whether any of them appear to be especially promising in your situation:

  • Challenging the officer’s justification for stopping your car or truck
  • Challenging the officer’s reason for placing you under arrest
  • Attacking the way the field sobriety test was conducted
  • Attacking the results of the toxicology report and evidence of blood alcohol concentration

My experience with the defense of DWI or DUI charges helps us see exactly where the arresting officer may have cut corners in the development of the evidence against you. Knowing what to look for can help us achieve positive results at the pretrial hearing, on your suppression motion, or at the trial of the main charges.

I also advise and represent people who need help with the administrative hearing for a limited driving permit, appeal of a suspension, or reinstatement of a suspended license. You can apply for a limited driving privilege that can get you back on the road after the 10th day of the mandatory license suspension that follows a DWI arrest.

Preventing DWI Charges From Derailing Your Educational Goals

College students often find themselves facing DWI charges without understanding the long-term consequences. A DWI charge can negatively impact a student’s ability to receive financial aid and the ability to find a job. The impact of subsequent DWIs can be even far worse both financially and personally. Any DWI arrest can result in permanent damage to one’s personal and professional reputation.

As an attorney who regularly represents students from High Point University, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro College and Guilford College, I understand your short- and long-term goals. Nixon Law Offices, PA, provides legal representation tailored toward serving your own best interests as a college student and as an individual.

Get Help Resolving These Charges

At the Nixon Law Offices, PA, I take an aggressive and proactive approach to client service in drunk driving cases. To learn how an experienced lawyer can help you find useful alternatives to a DWI conviction and lengthy suspension, contact me in High Point for a free consultation. Give me a call at 336-885-5959.