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Sex Crimes

Protecting Your Options When Facing Sex Crime Charges

As a seasoned trial attorney, Georgia Nixon knows how to present an effective defense in court across the range of sex crime charges. Better yet, her thorough understanding of the criminal justice system from the inside can give you the opportunity to achieve dismissal or reduction of felony sex offense allegations at an early stage of the case.

If you have been accused of a sex crime in northern or central North Carolina, contact the Nixon Law Offices in High Point for a free consultation about your legal options.

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We give our clients sound advice about the factors that will guide the critical choice between accepting a plea offer or taking a defense to trial – the government’s ability to meet its burden of proof, the likely consequences of a guilty plea to any of various sex crime charges, and the likelihood that we can gather the evidence necessary to shake the prosecution’s confidence in the case against you.

The Nixon Law Offices represents clients charged with such sex offenses as:

  • Sexual assault, including forcible rape
  • Date rape or acquaintance rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Consensual sex between minors
  • Consensual sex between gays or lesbians
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor such as keeping nude photos of a friend on a cell phone
  • Indecent liberties

Presenting an effective defense to a sex crime charge will often depend on your lawyer’s ability to investigate and develop facts that can flesh out the bare-bones allegations in a charging document or police report. Many situations charged as sex crimes involve people who know each other (or their parents) and who are angry about a failed relationship or one that never got off the ground.

Georgia Nixon is an experienced defense attorney, defending against individuals facing both state and federal offenses. She is also a former assistant district attorney for the state of North Carolina. Her experience working on both sides of the law is a great advantage for those facing serious sex offenses.

To learn more about your best options for presenting a defense on charges of rape or sexual abuse, contact the Nixon Law Offices in High Point.