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Defending North Carolinians Charged With Assault

If you’ve been charged with anything from simple assault to capital murder, you need to know that your attorney is doing everything possible to protect you from the consequences of a conviction.

To develop and present an effective defense to serious felony charges, your lawyer should bring a variety of skills to your case – investigative resources to challenge the evidence against you while locating the witnesses who can help you, legal understanding to make an accurate assessment of your risks, negotiating techniques to help get the charges reduced or dismissed, and courtroom experience for putting your strongest arguments before a judge or jury in clear terms.

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For the advice of a defense attorney who can put these skills to work for you, contact the Nixon Law Offices in High Point. Georgia Nixon’s practice has focused on criminal law since she entered the profession in 1991. As a former assistant district attorney, she knows what the prosecution needs to prove in order to win a conviction, and she knows how to find the weaknesses in the case against you.

The Nixon Law Offices advises and represents people charged with assault and other crimes including:

Our law firm’s experience with the defense of criminal charges can help you find the response that’s right for the facts of your situation. We know how to work with facts indicating self-defense, mistaken identity, diminished capacity or any other direct challenge to the allegations against you.

We also make sure that you have accurate information about the relative strength or weakness of your legal position so that you can make a sound decision between accepting a plea offer or taking your case to trial.

At the Nixon Law Offices, our goal is to help you defeat the charges against you whenever possible, or when necessary, to protect you from the most serious consequences of a conviction through effective plea negotiations and sentencing arguments. For a free consultation with an experienced criminal trial attorney, contact our office in High Point, North Carolina.