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Resolving North Carolina Speeding Tickets And Traffic Violations

The aggressive spirit that characterizes client service at the Nixon Law Offices applies just as much to the defense of traffic violations as it does to any other criminal charges. To learn how our experience and willingness to go the extra mile on your behalf can make a positive difference in your situation, contact us in High Point for a free consultation.

Like many other states, North Carolina will suspend your driver’s license if you accumulate too many points from speeding tickets or other moving violations within a one-year or two-year period. Our goal is to protect your right to drive to the greatest extent possible by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by law to dispute the traffic offense charged.

Don’t Pay A Traffic Fine Until You Talk To A Lawyer

The last thing you should do is pay the fine right away. That’s the same as a guilty plea. We also don’t recommend that you ignore the ticket. The best thing to do in most cases will be to appear with a knowledgeable lawyer at the hearing on your traffic violation.

In many situations, we can negotiate your traffic ticket down to a violation that won’t result in points against your license. In other cases, we won’t be able to fight the current ticket effectively, but we’ll be able to reopen old traffic tickets and reduce your suspension points that way. Although we can represent you at the DMV hearing on suspension or reinstatement, your chances of success are usually much better when you fight the ticket in administrative court.

We represent local residents, tourists, commercial drivers, college students and people just passing through the I-85 or I-40 corridors. If you’re from out of state, we can usually protect your interests through a waiver of appearance and you won’t need to return to North Carolina. We handle traffic violations ranging from speeding or excess speeding to driving without insurance, expired registration, DWI or open container offenses, and the full range of moving violations.

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High Point trial attorney Georgia Nixon has focused on defending against both state and federal criminal offenses since she entered the profession in 1991. She knows how to expand your options toward a favorable resolution on traffic violations of all kinds. To learn more about your legal alternatives, contact the Nixon Law Offices.