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Plan violent crime charge defenses very carefully

Violent crimes are ones that can seriously harm or kill people. Society frowns upon these crimes since they are so serious. For the people who are facing these charges, finding out what options they have for answering the charges becomes a lifeline of sorts.

Your defense on violent crime charges is one of the only things that you can control. You must think about the case against you and work on a defense that is geared toward your goal.

Don't do these during a traffic stop for drunk driving

Being pulled over by a police officer who accuses you of drunk driving is a difficult situation. In an effort to lighten up the situation, or possibly just out of nervousness, you might decide to have some fun.

This might not be the best idea. Police officers don't take these matters lightly because they are working hard to keep other motorists on the road safe. Make sure that you don't try to poke fun at the traffic stop by doing any of the following.

Your student loan's at risk if court convicts you on drug charges

Most college students in North Carolina and elsewhere know people who graduate, then continue to struggle to pay back their student loans for years (even decades) into their futures. Many marry and have families, which typically includes various other types of ongoing expenses. They enter the workforce (although perhaps not in the specific fields they hold their degrees), and as life unfolds before them, they find it more and more challenging to satisfy their student loan debts. 

That said, no college student wants anything to happen that puts the chance of obtaining a student loan at risk. Several types of incidents might, however, including a conviction in a criminal court on drug charges. It's no secret drug-related offenses rank high on the list of common reasons college students get arrested. 

Drunk driving crashes can impact DUI cases

A person who is driving after drinking might end up in a car crash. It is imperative that these individuals understand that they need to work on a defense as quickly as possible because these cases can be very difficult. In many cases, drunk driving accidents involve more than just a basic drunk driving charge, which means that there are more penalties that are possible.

There is a series of events that starts when a car accident occurs. In some cases, the car accident is the proverbial nail in the coffin of the criminal defense case. The circumstances of the crash can come into the picture during the case. You will need to explore what factors the prosecution is looking into using in the case against you.

Traffic violations can impact your life for a long time

Traffic violations aren't usually thought of as serious matters; however, these violations can cause significant issues in your life. Many people, especially those who rely on having their driver's license to do their job, might need to take the time to consider presenting a defense against a traffic violation. We can help you to learn about the options that you have for handling traffic violations.

There are many different types of traffic violations that you might have to face. Many of these come with the option of just paying a fine or heading to court. If you opt to pay the fine, you are admitting guilt. These traffic violations can lead to a mark on your driving record.

Think objectively about your options for defense in drug cases

We recently discussed how drug paraphernalia charges are serious matters that must be addressed as such. These charges can come alone, but they can also come in connection with other drug charges. The fact is that no matter kind of drug charges you are facing, you need to get your defense started right away.

The defense strategy that you choose can have more than one element. In fact, the more points we can address on your behalf, the better prepared your defense might be. The important thing is that your defense is based on the circumstances of your case.

Drug paraphernalia charges must be taken seriously

Not all drug charges are based on having the actual drugs in your possession. Some drug charges are based on having items associated with drug sales or usage. These items are known as drug paraphernalia. Facing charges for drug paraphernalia are just as serious as facing charges for drug possession.

There are many items that are considered drug paraphernalia. These include digital scales, small baggies, crack pipes and similar items. It is possible that a person can face drug paraphernalia charges for items that are normally used for household usage. The circumstances of the drug paraphernalia are considered in these cases. In some cases, the key to the case might be drug residue that is left behind on the paraphernalia.

An underage DWI charge does not have to derail your life

A drunk driving charge is a serious issue at any age, but it can be particularly frightening when you are under the age of 21. North Carolina takes a strong stance against underage drinking and driving, and the penalties that you could potentially face can have a serious impact on your life.

If you are currently facing charges involving underage drinking and driving, you would be wise to take quick action to protect your rights. Securing the assistance of an attorney who can help you effectively confront these charges may be a wise move.

Plea deals are sometimes possible so think carefully

Facing drunk driving charges is something that is often difficult because of the penalties you are facing. Not only are you facing criminal penalties, you are also facing administrative penalties for the drunk driving. You do have a few options for dealing with the case. Exploring each one is necessary so that you can make a determination about how you can proceed.

You can opt to plead guilty or not guilty to the charge. If you are considering a guilty plea, you should find out if a plea deal is in the cards for your case. Plea deals give you control over the outcome of your case, but not total control.

Consider all available resolution options for your criminal case

Rape, murder and other violent crimes are some of the ones that society really frowns upon. If you are facing these types of charges, you might come to realize that you are frowned upon by society even before you are convicted. While your defense plan can't make this societal reaction stop, it can help you to minimize the impact that your case has on your life.

We know that you might not be certain what your options are for battling the charges. We are here to help you explore all of the available options -- from plea deals to trial preparation.


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