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Avoid a driver’s license suspension or revocation

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2016 | Firm News

North Carolina prioritizes public safety on our roads. Driving behaviors that are negligent, careless or dangerous carry serious legal repercussions. Because driving is not a right but a privilege, those who abuse the privilege, are subject to losing it.

North Carolina drivers can lose their driving privileges in a couple of ways — suspension or revocation of their driver’s licenses.

With suspension, driving privileges get rescinded temporarily for a specified period. Suspended licenses can get reinstated after the suspension without drivers having to apply for new driver’s licenses. Sometimes suspensions require drivers to provide proof of liability insurance on their vehicle when they go for reinstatement.

A revocation of driving privileges means that a resident’s rights to drive are now terminated. Driving privileges can only be reinstated after drivers meet specific eligibility requirements, which might include a court hearing.

Those who are granted a hearing that goes favorably may apply for reinstatement under certain terms and conditions. Once a driver’s license is reinstated, the driver must go to the state Division of Motor Vehicles office to apply for the driver’s license. They will need to bring proof of their identity and all other relevant documents that indicate the revocation has been lifted.

Those who do not participate in a hearing process, and those who did not have the hearing turn out favorably, may still apply for a North Carolina driver license after the completing the suspension period.

If the process appears burdensome, this illustrates the importance of avoiding a suspension or revocation entirely. A defense attorney can sometimes help a client avoid convictions that lead to driver’s license suspensions and revocations.

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