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2 from Marshall in jail on meth charges and parole violations

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Drug Charges

Two Marshall residents, both 31, on parole for felony charges are once again back in jail after getting busted on meth charges.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office first received an anonymous tip on Jan. 3. That information led to the woman who had a warrant on her from Buncombe County, the Madison County sheriff reported. According to the North Carolina Department of Corrections, the woman had been paroled after a 2015 conviction for felony charges for larceny of a motor vehicle.

When deputies moved in to make the arrest, they encountered a man with the female suspect who allegedly had drug paraphernalia and trace amounts of methamphetamine on his person. As he was on parole for a 2012 conviction on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, having been released from prison in May of last year, he was taken into custody.

Both suspects now face felony charges of possession of methamphetamine precursor chemicals, manufacturing meth, possession of meth and paraphernalia possession. The female was also charged with probation violation.

After interrogating the suspects, investigators went to the man’s parents’ home on Rector Corner. As he was residing there at the time, deputies got a search warrant for the property and a nearby trailer. Along with local deputies, specialists with the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation searched both properties, finding the precursors lye, liquid fire and lithium battery parts, the sheriff alleged.

He stated that the man’s parents were devastated by their son’s arrest, adding, “They’re so heartbroken. Somewhere, something has failed.”

Both suspects remain in jail on the parole and probation violations, as well as the new charges. They are not eligible for release on bail.

This case illustrates the need for suspects and arrested persons to exercise their Constitutional right to remain silent and say nothing until they have the chance to speak to a defense attorney.

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