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Violent Crimes Archives

Plan violent crime charge defenses very carefully

Violent crimes are ones that can seriously harm or kill people. Society frowns upon these crimes since they are so serious. For the people who are facing these charges, finding out what options they have for answering the charges becomes a lifeline of sorts.

Consider all available resolution options for your criminal case

Rape, murder and other violent crimes are some of the ones that society really frowns upon. If you are facing these types of charges, you might come to realize that you are frowned upon by society even before you are convicted. While your defense plan can't make this societal reaction stop, it can help you to minimize the impact that your case has on your life.

What influences a prison sentence?

A criminal act, proven guilty, is supposed to determine a prison sentence. Length and severity should vary by the degree of the crime. Instead, it's repeatedly proven that the cultural, social and economic background of a suspect can increase or decrease the penalty of a given crime.

What is structured sentencing in North Carolina?

When you are facing criminal charges in North Carolina, you will probably wonder what sentence you could receive if convicted. Unlike some other states, North Carolina uses the structured sentencing method, which considers various factors when coming up with sentences for convictions. Understanding what this complex system means is important for those charged with crimes in North Carolina.

Violent crime defenses require intense investigation

Violent crimes carry very harsh penalties because they are crimes against people. These crimes often include very specific forms of evidence, such as DNA, that are difficult to dispute. This doesn't mean that we can't build a defense against the charges, but it does mean that we will need to look carefully into the possible strategies that can be used.

Assault: Felony or misdemeanor?

Often we generalize the definitions of assault. To many, the term means that someone inflicted a physical harm upon another. That's not entirely the case. Assault is the threat of harm. For example, assault in its simplest form is when a person raises their fist in a manner that the other person believes he or she is about to suffer a black eye. No actual physical contact need be made. Battery, on the other hand, is the actual physical contact.

High Point man facing murder charge, sex offenses

A High Point man was arrested by Greensboro Police Department detectives on Sept. 1 for the first-degree murder of his girlfriend. The 26-year-old woman, who remains missing, was last seen alive on June 16 at the Huntley Court apartment she shared with the man believed to be her killer.


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